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Powering the next generation of secure & fast Payments

The first biometric based payment infrastructure that runs on public-key cryptography.

*A licensed payment service provider at KSA and UAE

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Secure payments for everyone but not just anyone

Amwal tokenization & authentication solutions empowers the whole ecosystem
Reduce fraud & decline rates
Increase your sales with recurring payments
Enhance customer converstion

Offer biometric checkout & subscription experiences with one-click

Amwal checkout is a revolutionary checkout experience that instantly increase your conversion and reduce cart abandonments.


Integrate in minutes, check out in seconds

Adds no additional checkout time


Reliable, secure checkout that is trusted by global security standards

runs on patented authentication protocols


Offer unique features and terms that works for you

Our API offers complete flexibility

Our solutions

Reimagine your payments with forward-thinking solutions

Revolutionary interfaces, combined with the limitless potential of our API

Simplistic checkout & subscribtion experiences

Delight your customers with a 10x faster & 2x more secure checkout

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Advanced Fraud Engines

Amwal combines digital authentication, identity verification with payment in a single API

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Built for developers, trusted by enterprises

Frictionless authentication meet payments

Amwal is the first to provide new frictionless authentication technology that combines identity verification, fraud prevention and payment into a single API 
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Turbocharge your online sales with a highly convergent checkout experience. Reduce your checkout time to few seconds.

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New authenticated payment flows that reduces decline rates, fraud, cuts your OTP costs, and increase your customers payment experience

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Collect recurring payments, run subscription services and top-up experiences in one-click.

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