Authentication infrastructure for Payments

Passwordless & OTP-free passkeys authentication solutions for transactions and Identity & Access Management

Built for developers, trusted by enterprises

Frictionless authentication

Amwal provides new frictionless authentication technology that allows a passwordless and passive multi-factor cryptographic binding authentications
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Works perfectly with your authentication workflows

Amwal replaces or augments your login box, and provides frictionless two-factor authentication, while minimizing risk of phishing attacks

Integrate multiple multi-factor authentication

Experience better ways to authenticate

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Built for enterprises & Financial institutions

FIDO certified passkeys authentication solutions, flexible hosting, dedicated partnership, and much more.

Reduce OTP cost

Reduce your sms OTP costs by at least 30%

Eliminate phishing attacks

Phishing-proof cryptographic binding tokens

Enhance digital experiences

Frictionless experience on every device or channel
Experience the future of  frictionless multi-device authentication
Integrate to your  web app
Universal factor push authentication tokens that are interoperable.
Add to your mobile app
Scalable architecture, secure endpoints and flexible integration &  deployment options
Backend API